Working on a Cruise Ship, popular cruisers, is becoming more and more popular. More and more students from around world are going to work on the boat and returning richer, not just money but also new experiences. Work on cruisers is not reserved for students only, but is available to all who have the desire and the necessary knowledge.

However, what many do not realize is that this type of work can be tough and demanding. So, it’s not about resting on board, but the employees are expected to be worthy and ready to work. The magic of traveling through exotic destinations is only an advantage, but work is the essence.

Some of the more popular destinations for working on a cruise ship include North America (USA, Caribbean, Bermuda, Mexico), Pacific (Tahiti, Easter Island), Africa (South Africa, Egypt, Seychelles) and Europe (Mediterranean, Baltic, Norwegian fjords).

What are the benefits of working on ship?

If you are not sure if the working on a cruise ship is for you, we will take your attention to only some of the many benefits this type of work offers.

  • Big salaries – All your life expenses are paid to you (food, accommodation, medical care, and in most cases you have been paid a plane ticket). Since there are no costs, everything you earn on board is pure income. You can make money in whatever way you like, you can save it, spend it in casinos, restaurants, ports, etc. Citizens of certain countries do not have to pay income tax.


  • Experience – Work on the boat can last longer, and you will return to your country more experienced and will have priority in future employment.

working on a cruise ship

  • Travel – Working on a cruise ship gives you the opportunity to cruise the world for free, in luxury ships. It is precisely on this exotic journey that the work on the ship is distinguished from others.


  • Vacation – Change the environment and enter a bit of dynamism into your everyday life. Take a break from the boring routine and try something new.


  • Health – Work on board gives you free health insurance.


  • Take your family – The ship’s employees can drive family members at reduced prices.


What to know before you start working on cruiser?

We spoke to several people working on a cruise ship, and looked at more sites – this is our advice and conclusions. It’s not always pretty as it looks.


Working on a cruiser is a great adventure, for some too big. Although the big cruiser was a city for itself, we got different reactions from conversations with different people, in terms of problems with vomiting, isolation, claustrophobia. They say that psychological preparation is very important, especially if it goes by ship over the Pacific, or the Atlantic, where it does not stop as often as for example in the Mediterranean sailing. If you are not a guy who can endure for a long time on board, then river navigation is a better solution, or a job on land.


If you are not a professional sailor or engineer, a working on a cruise ship will hardly be a place to achieve a professional career – this is just a phase. Nice phase, where you travel a lot and see, but also a lifetime during which you can build a more serious career. Our interlocutor said that it is necessary to be careful with planning, because it often goes on for 5 years on cruisers, where real skills and competencies for future employers only have service skills. And good English, but it’s not negligible.


Now we sound like your moms, but the point of business on board is that everything has everything provided (food, accommodation, transportation) and what this is is a way to save some money and solve a life issue (for example, buy a car). Here we have seen 2 schools of thought among our interlocutors: Cruz as an adventure (all spent during navigation) and Cruz as a source of financing (saving and buying something bigger). It’s yours to choose a way of spending, you should enjoy life, but if you have already agreed to one type of isolation, it will result in some change in your life.


Six or nine months you’re here, so six or nine are not. Private life can suffer if you devote to this business for years.


Most shipping companies have their own recruitment agencies spread all over the world. The best way to sign up for a job is to contact one of these agencies in your area.

working on a cruise ship


Since you go to special conditions, take a lot of clean clothes, socks, comfortable shoes. White sneakers are recommended without markings. Leave uncomfortable laundry and shoes at home. Bring medicines, creams and preparations that you can only buy here – you will need them. Also, carry the alarm clock, the collocutors emphasize that it is very useful if the battery is on the phone. There are of course gadgets like lap top, tablet, camera. As far as wardrobe is concerned, you will get uniforms on board.


The rooms are mostly double and the bathroom has two rooms. The roommate is often someone who does a similar job on board. The ship itself is 350 meters long, with 15 floors and a lot of content, but your personal space is small.


There are 3 types of employees on board while working on a cruise ship:

  • Crew (waiters, bartenders, cleaners, cooks, hygienists)
  • Staff (photo staff, video staff – all in charge of photography and shooting, TV’s correctness – entertainers, sellers, hairdressers, masseurs, spa workers)
  • Officers (receptionists, administration, trainers of new employees, IT, doctors – mainly EU citizens)

Crew has no guest privileges, and has the worst housing conditions. Staff has the privilege of using the facilities on board, and has larger rooms, a better restaurant. If your comfort and freedom are primary, then sign up for a staff position, and emphasize it in the agency! On the other hand, keep in mind that you can often earn twice more on a crew position (bar, waiter) than a photographer who is a staff member, because you are working on a percentage, and there you are. Good inquiries about the details of the agency that sends you.


River cruisers are mainly connected to Europe (we see them at Concrete Hall) or Mississippi, tours are shorter, more stops, and it is desirable to know a language other than English, e.g. German, Russian or Dutch. While the marine cruiser goes farther distance and is physically larger, the cruise control is smaller, but the distances are smaller, and it stops more. The river cruiser acts as a pitomy option.


Violence of any kind, sexual assault or battles is not tolerated, and offenders are immediately thrown out of the ship. Since physical space is limited, tolerance must be at its maximum. Also, you can test you at opiates at any time, and there have been cases where people from these areas have been released.

Work on the boat – What jobs are offered?

Office jobs – if you want to work in the shipping industry but do not like the nomad lifestyle, you can work at the headquarters of a particular shipping company. Employees have numerous travel benefits. These include jobs in administration, finance, employment agents, public relations, marketing. However, it is best to apply for this job if you are from a country in which the shipping company is registered.

working on a cruise ship

Entertainment – this includes all the activities that have to do with the guests and their animation, are among the most popular. Some of the examples are hostesses, DJs, performers, swimming instructors, guides of excursions, casino workers, etc.

Catering – can be divided into food and drink, hotel business, retail, information technology and cash register. It’s done in restaurants, bars and cabins, and the most common occupations are chef, waiter, barber, baker, cleaner, assistant in the shop, etc.

Personal care – Personal care workers work in saunas, pools, beauty salons, pharmacies, health centers and the like. Physicians, massages, hairdressers, rescuers, fitness instructors, dentists, etc. are required.



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