Are you ready to travel? Are you sure? Let us help you with our list of Top Travel Packing Essentials. Make sure you have all of this items when going on the road, you’ll be thankful! This travel packing list are open for your any suggestion!


You won’t get very far without your passport. Before you pack it, remember to check that it isn’t about to expire! Lots of countries — including backpacking havens like Australia, Thailand and Malaysia — won’t let you in if your passport expires within six months of your arrival date. It’s also worth packing a photocopy of your passport, and other important documents. If you’re more tech savvy, email a copy of these to yourself so you always have them accessible via Wi-Fi. Remember to check whether you need a visa to get into the country you’re traveling to.


OK, it’s boring, but it’s so, so important and you can’t get it once you’ve left! Don’t let getting your passport stolen or having to cough up major cash for medical treatment ruin your trip. You can buy insurance and pay as little as $35 a day – specially designed with the young and adventurous traveler in mind.


Wet wipes may seem a bit old school, but trust us — when you’re traveling, wet wipes are a gift from the travel gods. Use them to clean up scrapes and scratches, mop dust off of your flip flops, wipe the sweat off your face, freshen up if you can’t  shower, etc.


This is very important! Whether you do photography professionally or for your soul, take camera with you and make fantastic travel photos on your vacation. Not only will your memories be preserved forever, but on Facebook , Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter and any other social media site you can share your fantastic travel pictures.

travel packing essentials


Always bring with you basic set of medications, such as: medications for diarrhea, cold, pain relief, bandages and any medications you may think you’ll need. Of course, bring any medications you use regularly. We don’t want to scare you, but it’s likely that you’ll be needing some of this.


Nothing beats lying on an isolated beach with a notebook in your hand, writing about your latest travel adventure and capturing you’re feeling.


This seems odd, but stick a roll in your bag, particularly if you’re traveling around Latin America or Asia, where the public restrooms rarely have toilet paper. On a toilet-related note, start practicing your squats, as many public bathrooms  lack seats – squat toilets, anyone? You’ll soon get used to them.


No, not the woolly winter kind, but a a big lightweight scarf. Not only will a scarf keep you warm if the evenings get chilly, it can also double up as a beach blanket, and protect you against subzero air conditioning on a bus or train journey. If you are worried about protecting your passport and cash, you can even score some scarves with hidden pockets for your wallet. This is absolutely on of  Top Travel Packing Essentials.


This little essential is often forgotten about until your approach an outlet that is surprisingly different from the one at home. Not all countries feature the same outlets, so be prepared, especially if you are going to other part of the world.


No one likes to itch, and no one likes to be covered in bright red splotches. Even if you’re one of those really annoying people who never seems to get bitten, it’s worth spraying on some repellent and investing in a net, particularly in Malaria zones.


Headphones are on the list of Top Travel Packing Essentials you need when traveling. Period.





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