What’s thingCHARGER?

Does your charging station leave a tangled cables all over house? That is exactly what thingCHARGER wants to look after. Most households now-a-days have multiple devices, attached to numerous charger. It is always nice to locate a charging alternative that can reduce the number of charging cables. You’ve got laying around plugged into sockets in the home. Give all of your items a power boost at one time as a result of the thingCHARGER. This merchandise is a simple and elegant new way to bill all of your items without needing to do them consecutively. Twist this two-port USB charger into any wall outlet, and the typical outlets on the front stay live for ordinary use. The underside of this system reaches two USB outlets, which, alongside the charging tip on top, stay live whenever thingCHARGER is switched on.

This worldwide USB charger powers up Just about Any USB Device and any phone, tablet or eReader from any manufacturer. With really wireless charging, it frees up desk and counter space for you to pursue work and business items. Lightning and microUSB adapters are included. If you want to power up a smartphone and a tablet at once, this gadget gets the job done. t;s quite handy at work or at home for quick charges before you head out. Take pleasure in the universal power provided if you power up the thingCHARGER.

thingCHARGER Characteristic:
  • Charge any device, such as Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Sony, HTC, LG, Motorola, Kindle Fire and Blackberry
  • To be used with any regular vertical wall socket, this device does NOT work with flat outlets or GFI outlets
  • Charge with or without an instance
  • 2 USB sockets
  • Leaves electric sockets fully functional
  • Additional tips can be stored in the back

thingcharger review

How thingCHARGER works?

ThingCHARGER is small rectangular box, the same size as a Traditional US wall socket. It permits you to control 2 USB devices as well as dock a phone or tablet right on your wall. It plugs in snuggly to some non-GFI socket, and extrudes maybe an inch or so from the wall. On the base of the box are two USB outlets, also around the top is a protruding adapter where you can dock your telephone or tablet computer. The adapter even has variable heights so that it can work whether or not you are sporting a circumstance. Conveniently, it is also possible to store 2 additional tips around the back in case you need to alternate between micro and lightning USB. The thing charger does not include any cables, however it is possible to plug your present cables into the USB socket, this could be so that you could plug other devices to your thingCHARGER. Most bought type of thing charger is P3 International Wireless thing CHARGER (click on link to see product).

The center layout of thingCHARGER is quite straightforward. It plugs in Over an present socket, leaving the sticks usable, also includes top-mounted charging tips that permit the user to control their phone, tablet computer, reader, or other apparatus. The hints are saved inside of this charger, and can be swapped when required. Basically, it’s like having a dock right on a wall socket. To conserve electricity, the key outlets are on at all times, but the two USB ports and also the tip on the top of the thingCHARGER are just on when a user hits the power button on both sides.

What’s the purpose of thingCHARGER?

In this day and age, we all have our Fair share of digital devices. With much more variations and classes introduced to our lives every year. We use our apparatus for a growing number of our private in addition to recreational tasks. These jobs range across various topics such as keeping a depository for ideas and future plans, navigating to appointments, keeping tabs on our schedules, and maybe even some relaxing media time. Electronics aren’t just for adults anymore either. With our children creating the fastest growing people utilizing the benefits of these devices. From phones and tablets, to cameras to laptops–there is a never-ending train of accessories that all have something in common. They all must be charged on a regular basis. This is a essential evil which often creates a predicament for households. There are a plethora of devices that all need to get billed at the same time–and of course the need to own outlets available for static items. This is the barrier that the thingCHARGER was produced to conquer.

This product is a simple, nice looking plastic box consisting of two powered outlets. It’s designed to plug directly into an present electrical wall receptacle. The powered sockets prevent you from losing your socket to a charger since the thingCHARGER is the charger. Within this storage area, you will find a Lightning adapter, such as an Apple device, and a micro-USB adapter for basically everything else (USB-C is on the way). You insert the adapter of your choosing into a slot at the peak of this thingCHARGER unit. In the case of the micro-USB adapter, you can plug it in either mode and it is going to still work.


What Makes the thingCHARGER special?

Charging your devices is something just about everybody has to deal with. We all have phones, cameras, tablets, and much more that all seem to constantly need to be replenished. When it comes to chargers, there always seems to be an endless array of options, that all appear to be variations on similar designs. ThingCHARGER, is a brand new product which assembles a multi-device charging dock right into your outlet.

At first glance, when looking at the ThingCHARGER head-on it resembles a normal electrical outlet–but better. The clean form-factor design and solid build make adding one to any room a simple decision. The 2 collections of socket prongs on the back make it very simple to plug into an present outlet. On the other hand, the second group is not required for power. It is only for equilibrium, even though the two plugs are still free to be utilized as routine outlets. There are two USB connections on the bottom of the thingCHARGER available to power your tablet computers and tablets.

How and where can I buy my own thingCHARGER?

You can purchase this power unit on their official site or you can purchase product and additional Adapter Tips on Amazon for more than affordable price:



thingCHARGER review:

“Just as advertised. We’d no looseness problems with things plugged into thingCHARGER. Link to home outlet was tight (great). We obtained both the microUSB as well as also the Apple Lightning adapter. We put adapter in device and place high and then place our telephone on adapter, pressed on the elevation adjustment button. Pushed down on our telephone to place height properly with touch of telephone on adapter. Watch the images.
Unit is a couple of millimeters smaller than socket plate that’s quite excellent. We had space beneath our cupboard for the positioning. It is possible to turn the adapter 180 levels before putting from the adapter unit to ensure that your phone constantly faces forward. The thingCHARGER won’t work if your sockets aren’t vertical. Build quality as noticed by others is superb. You do have to practice putting your telephone on the adapter. You can’t see your telephone port with your telephone situation installed. We became fairly skilled in a brief quantity of time! Same-day delivery by Amazon was also precisely as advertised.”

Please note:

ThingCHARGER gives a simple, elegant new way to control your devices. Just Plug thing charger into any normal vertical wall socket, this device does NOT Work with flat sockets or GFI outlets. Please check that your wall socket Fits these conditions before purchasing this merchandise. The underside of the device Hides two USB outlets, only if you will need to plug in. You can easily control Any phone, reader or tablet out of any manufacturer. The sockets on the front precisely Match the prongs on the trunk,. You can stack a couple of thingCHARGERs Together for a super-convenient charging channel.




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