LOL Surprise Under Wraps

LOL Surprise Under Wraps Eye Spy is LOL Surprise Series 4 that’s out now! The Interest Spy Series has altered the game for your LOL world. It’s taken all the various little toys which get released incorporated inside a set and unified them under one them: spies.

Read our self-help guide to learn all that you should find out about this phenomenal LOL toy. You may even determine whether it’s apt to be worth the frantic search and funds it’s prone to decide to use obtain one.

NEWSFLASH: Big Brothers and sisters wave 2 is going! Consider the price of LOL Under Wraps Eye Spy tots dolls on Amazon . com . com now. In the event you can’t buy Series 4 Tots, make certain to obtain the Series 3 Confetti Pop dolls until you are gone.

Follow the link to look for the price of Series 4 wave 1 tots.

LOL Surprise Under Wraps is altering the LOL game and be sure that’s stays fresh again…

What’s LOL Surprise Under Wraps?

LOL Surprise Under Wraps can be a LOL Surprise! toy released by LOL toy maker MGA Entertainment.

Similar to Series 3 had the adorable name Confetti Pop, which corresponded for the cute party like confetti that sprang in the tots balls, LOL Surprise Under Wraps is one of the attention Spy Series.

Under Wraps is called the interest Spy Series because there are secret messages to discover, see, and decode additionally to mystery disguises as well as other “spy” stuff.

lol capsula under wraps

The LOL Surprise Under Wraps package can be a pink cylinder

LOL Surprise Under Wraps will come in a cylinder pill capsule created package, instead of a ball just like previous series.

The packaging contains secret messages you could see while using the incorporated decoder spyglass. So Keep Your PACKAGING! Every layer and every blind bag has secret messages you will find while using decoder spy glass.

Much like other LOL toy series, the “ball” can be a transporting situation. For your Series 4 capsule, you’ll need a secret code to get it open. In the event you lose the important thing codes, check here.

Consider the price of Series 4 wave 1 tots here.

Consider the price of Series 4 wave 2 on Amazon . com . com.

You’ll find 15 surprises for LOL Surprise Under Wraps Tots.

You’ll find 15 surprises. Yes, you read that right…

15 surprises!

Here’s that which you look forward to finding inside Under Wraps Series 4.

There is a typical LOL toy surprises:

lol surprise under wraps


  • Secret message
  • Water surprise sticker
  • Ring tattoo
  • Bottle
  • Footwear
  • Outfit
  • Accessory
  • Toy

As these acer notebooks based on spies, LOL Surprise Under Wraps also provides:

Decoder spy glass (like the one round the package)

Just use the decoder spy glass and you’ll see the messages.

LOL Under Wraps Secret Message Poster

Disguises for your dolls

Spies need disguises: think mermaids and Egyptian queens. All tots toy may come inside one. Make certain your son or daughter carefully pulls apart this rubber disguise because technology-not only later for further play.

Consider the price in the LOL Surprise Series 4 Under Wraps Eye Spy wave 1 before it’s gone.

LOL Surprise Under Wraps Lil Brothers and sisters resemble.

Lil Brothers and sisters can be found in a pink ball getting an identical theme.

Consider the price of LOL Under Wraps Eye Spy Lil Brothers and sisters wave 1 now.

LOL Eye Spy Lil Brothers and sisters

You’ll find 5 surprises including:

LOL Eye Spy Lil Sister Surprises

Similar to previously series, the lil brothers and sisters balls contain 5 surprises and many types of little brothers and sisters color change. Unlike previous series, there is no water surprise sticker, ring tattoo, or bottle incorporated in lil sister dolls.

lol suprise dolls

You’ll find 24 new tots and 36 lil brothers and sisters in waves 1 and two.

You’ll find 12 new tots in wave 1 of Series 4. Wave 2 has another 12 new tots. Scroll lower to look for the completely new additions. The completely new cuties expand round the sassy sweetness we love to within the other series.

You’ll find 21 (yes 21!) lil brothers and sisters in wave 1 and yet another 15 in wave 2.

LOL Surprise Under Wraps First Dolls: Pop Heart and Lil Pop Heart

The initial sneak look we have got of latest LOL dolls could be the one round the Series 4 package.

Pop Heart can be a 60s inspired LOL toy. Her name can be a experience Pop Art, a modern day art movement that was very popular inside the 60s (situation today). She also fits the 60s because this when the Television show I Spy showed up in this area.

Pop Heart is super 60s artsy! She wears a blue, white-colored-colored, red, and yellow small-dress styled with comic appear effects and ben-day dots, two hallmarks in the Pop Art movement. She also provides bluish, crimson and black hair by getting an up switch and red mind band.

Pop Heart and Lil Pop Heart

Lil sister of Pop Heart’s is called Lil Pop Heart and contains the same blue/crimson/black updo and red mind band.

There’s a brand new water surprise!

Oh lots of capabilities in Series 4…we enjoy it!

Series 4 brings a completely new fifth water surprise: squirting water within the ears. Round the collector’s poster, you will notice a yellow squinty eyed emoji.

Bring that to a different existing 4 surprises: color change, tinkling, crying, and spitting. Keep in mind the toy will simply do among the 5 water surprises. If there is 2 surprises around the collector’s poster, what this means is there’s two versions in the toy.

You’ll find new clubs.

LOL Surprise Under Wraps brings 3 new clubs:

Art Club: There will certainly most likely function as the skill Club because Pop Heart and Lil Pop Heart will be in it. Two new dolls, Shapes and Lil Shapes can also be people from the club. Babies in this particular club are inspired by popular art movements. Pop Art and Cubism are actually covered.

Pop Club: Think little divas inspired by pop artists. We feel Fierce is Beyonce.

Spooky Club: Frightening inspired babies that are too cute to get frightening. There’s Thrilla, inspired by Michael Jackson’s Thriller album and small-movie.

Wave 1 capsules feature Pop Heart. Wave 2 capsules feature Fierce.

If you’re wanting to obtain certain dolls, make certain to check on if you are purchasing from wave 1 or wave 2.

There’s 1 government and two lil brothers and sisters in wave 2!

We familiar with only have Punk Boi and Lil Punk Boi, we’ve 1 government and two new lil brothers and sisters too.

The completely new tots boy is Scribbles and the man is unquestionably funky fresh. Scribbles has that 90s Saved with the Bell vibe with writing on his hat and shorts. Consistent with boy form, he’ll either tinkle or spit. He’s rare and that means you could possibly find him in the wave 2 capsule.

Lil Sk8er Boi and Lil Bebe Bonito are actually little brothers and sisters to girl tots dolls. Both color change like every lil brothers and sisters dolls.

You’ll be able to only find these two cuties in wave 2 balls, check here and possibly your son or daughter could possibly get one!

There’s a wave 3!

Allow MGA Entertainment, the makers of LOL dolls, to keep surprising us. The wave 2 collector poster previewed wave 3 in Series 4, the first time there’s another wave with a series.

series 4 wave 2 collector poster

Image: MGA Entertainment

Wave 3 of Series 4 is called Makeover Series #Hairgoals. It’s also Series 5 wave 1! Find out about it here And buy dolls to get shipped for you.

The most effective factor in regards to the Makeover Series? Real toy hair!!

LOL Surprise Eye Spy Under Wraps tots wave 1 dolls were released in the start of August!! Consider the price and availability on Amazon . com . com now.

Wave 2 tots showed up in this area in October. Consider the price with this particular wave here.

LOL Surprise Under Wraps Eye Spy Lil Brothers and sisters are out NOW!! Consider the price!

Simply How Much Do LOL Surprise Under Wraps Cost?

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price of LOL Surprise Under Wraps is US $13.99. We percieve Series 4 wave 2 capsules with an even Less expensive here.

Prices vary broadly! For your latest prices, check Amazon . com . com.

Make certain to simply buy whether or not this states Offered & Shipped by Amazon . com . because are numerous counterfeiters available.

Series 3 Confetti Pop dolls continue being designed for a great cost on Amazon . com . com. Check it now.

LOL Surprise Under Wraps Eye Spy Lil Brothers and sisters are out let us concentrate on about $6.99. Consider the price on Amazon . com


Where one can Buy LOL Surprise Under Wraps Eye Spy

Our preferred place to purchase LOL toy products is on Amazon . com . com (no lines, no searching, known prices).

One good factor about Amazon . com . com is always that their purchasing process is certainly evolving. To be able to control prices and supply reliable shipping when LOL Jewel Surprise showed up in this area, Amazon . com . com offered the item itself. Now, they still offered out fast, but people quick getting a mouse could obtain one.

Consider the price of Under Wraps Eye Spy wave 1 on Amazon . com

Consider the price for wave 2.

It’s also advisable to be capable of geting them at major retailers including Walmart, Kohl’s, and Target for just about any less expensive.

This is the best toy story in worldwide.

lol surprise under wraps release date

Remember a receipt and many types of your LOL Surprise! packaging not under four weeks in situation you have a manufacturer’s defect.

You’ve now learned everything, let’s introduce the dolls!

Series 4 Eye Spy Under Wraps Tots

Consider the price of Under Wraps Tots wave 1 now. Check out wave 2. Find out about “wave 3?/Series 5 Makeover Series #Hairgoals (with real toy hair!) here.

Series 4 Eye Spy Lil Brothers and sisters and Brothers and sisters

All lil brothers and sisters change color. Consider the price for Eye Spy Lil Brothers and sisters now.

Under Wraps Eye Spy Collector Posters

Collector posters inside the LOL Eye Spy Series are finally useful! The primary one incorporated along with your LOL toy should contain secret messages your son or daughter can decode.

Need a preview? You’ll be able to download them however L.O.L. Surprise site:

Tots (big brothers and sisters) poster

Lil Brothers and sisters poster

LOL Surprise Under Wraps Eye Spy Unboxing Videos

Want more Series 4 LOL dolls? Check out these videos from many of our favorite Youtubers, including Adulting with Children.

Can’t Buy LOL Surprise Under Wraps…Look Here Rather

Since LOL Surprise Under Wraps will end up unattainable quickly, check out our “shop” for links to reliable sellers of other LOL toy products. There are many new toys and sets released that may satisfy you’re little LOL toy lover before she’ll get her at work LOL Surprise Under Wraps.

The rest of Series 4

Two other sorts of LOL dolls comes in Series 4. We’ve written similar guides to be able to know Before buying. There’s the Glam Glitter wave, that’s a new edition in the popular Glitter series, and new pets, a completely new type of the Series 3 pets. There are also super sized pets referred to as LOL Biggie Pets. Check out Series 4 wave 3 (also called Series 5 wave 1) Makeover Series for “real” toy hair.

LOL Surprise Under Wraps Eye Spy Tots wave 2 are out now, look into the cost.

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