Each of us wants to travel more, but money can be a problem. With the help of these 5 tips, you will learn how to save money for travel.

Whether we are traveling once a year or once a month, we would like to travel more. However, there are numerous limiting factors that prevent us from doing so – work, obligations, lack of spare time and, most often, money.

When it comes to money, we all try to minimize travel costs to an optimal minimum. But what if, besides, we try to save money and increase travel budget? How many times did you just get out of the house in the morning with good amount of money  in your wallet, and when you return home in the evening, you spent the money without knowing where, when, or how?

That’s the essence! Often we spend money on some small things, even some big things, and often we’re not even aware of it. We are a part of the consumer society, and as such, we often buy things without thinking about how much we really need them. We build things instead of memories and experiences…

Plan each trip in advance

save money for travel

Just take the paper and pencil in your hands and make a good plan about your trip, as soon as possible. Like, right now!

Consider your current possibilities, put all this on paper – available finances, vacation time, potential destinations, people you travel with … everything that is relevant and what impacts your trip. Consider the first minute offers of travel agencies, but try to find accommodation and transportation yourself according to your budget and other possibilities. You will also find incredible prices for accommodation, transport and other services if you book them in advance. Travel agencies take money for things you can organize yourself.

The sooner you start planning, you will have more time available to organize everything properly. However, do not get stuck, but plan everything as soon as possible. So you will have at least one 100% guaranteed travel even if all other plans fail. Check out our Top Travel Packing Essentials.

Go on a short weekend trip

save money for travel

You do not have to go far to say you traveled. Weekend is the ideal moment to change your everyday environment after working week; you just need to get out of the city you live in. Wherever you live, you do not need much money or much time to visit the neighboring city, the nearby monastery, to make a trip to nature … Ask yourself, how well do you know your country, especially the place where you live? Fill the reservoir and sit in the car – only an hour or two drive divides you from the beauty of your own beautiful country that you have not yet completely seen. Take the weekend to get to know your surroundings better ad you’ll be suprised!

Follow the prices of air tickets

With the arrival of new low-cost airlines and the introduction of new flights, your desired destinations have never been closer and more accessible to us. It should be expected that this trend will continue in the future.

Regular tracking of offers from air companies will enable you to purchase air tickets at really low prices. It’s also a good idea to report to your newsletter that you would not miss anything. This will always be in line with the actions of these airline companies, additional discounts, last/first minute offers and such.

With a little luck and perseverance you can get air tickets at incredibly low prices, but be prepared to use it. Do not deceive yourself that every trip must be planned months in advance. If you have free time and find a very good offer – why not use it? You can pack your suitcase, collect your documents, make all the necessary preparations for the trip, and wait for an offer to come up. Unplanned travels are known for the most beautiful and exciting ones.

Dedicated to save money for travel

save money for travel

Make a special “piggy bank” for travel only and set aside a certain amount of money from each payment. Although it sounds simple, we live in such a time and it’s not easy to settle all the costs and deduct a certain amount of money from the side and to save money for travel.

Try to imagine that it is a fixed cost such as electricity, rent, internet, etc., and determine your height according to your capabilities. It does not have to be a big sum, let it be symbolic; no one says that you will go out of that money to travel. This is just one way to collect some of the money that will cover a fraction of the cost of your future trip.

You can create a special account in the bank to which you will be transferring a certain amount of money from each of your salaries. You can deposit money in a book, envelope, whatever it suits you. Take a jar and write “travel money” on it and let it be an action where the entire family will take part. Find a way to extract that money “automatically” aside and forget that it exists. The more serious you approach this savings, the more money you will save.

Give up excessive costs

Each of us has some expenses that, if we think about it a bit, are not necessary. To determine which costs you can reduce or completely eliminate, you need to know what costs you have. I do not mean the bills and other evident costs, but you should know how you spend every dime you earn so you can save money for travel.

Try to track where your money is going, what you spend on it – from monthly bills, to daily expenses in the store, on the vault, etc. Make a calculation, ask yourself if everything you buy is really necessary, you will be surprised how much money you consciously spend on some things and how much you would be smarter to invest them in. You can use natural product for cleaning, can make your own sweets, not to mention stop smoking. You can recycle lots of things in house and try avoiding to waste food. You’ll be surprised how much money you can save.

save money for travel

These are just some of the ways to save money on the side and to redirect it to travel rather than on some other things. Therefore, put everything on paper, ask yourself what you really need, without what you cannot live and what you really want.

For example, do not buy a tenth pair of shoes, leave a cigarette, don’t buy newspapers and magazines next to the Internet, save water and electricity … there are many examples. There are many people who have switched off the landline long ago – what will they do besides free communication via social networks, or cable television – movies, series, news, entertainment programs and everything else on the Internet. Reduce coffee drinking in coffee shops and eat fast foods – you can save more than you think, and you do not actually give up eating or drinking things you love. These 5 tips will surely help you to maximize your financial resources in order to save money for travel!


Remember: all that matters in the end of day, is how much you’ve grown from you experiences.



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