Healthy food, everyday topics of various magazines, sites, radio and TV shows, neighborhood talks. And always dilemma who is right. The truth is somewhere between. Much of this is written, much is said about healthy food, but one sentence is important, “everything is moderately healthy”! For a healthy life it is necessary to agree many factors and because one without another does not work.

Healthy food is one of those countless factors that should fit into our lives, to find a measure, because it is the skill of life. Listen to your body both inside and outside, most importantly, guard it and nurture it, endeavoring to eliminate hazards in the form of stress or at least minimize the amount of tolerance. Both the soul and the body must be satisfied and you are already half the job. In addition, when food is adequate, one can experience a hundred.

You probably heard a lot of times

“You are what you’re eating”,

but did you know that it is literally correct?

Cells of the organism have a different lifetime, but in the course of the day, month, and year, millions of them die out, and new ones are created from the energy and materials we feed through food. In other words, your body is literally made of what you eat. Your bones, muscles, blood, and organs are made from the food you enter. Think about it. Food is different in different areas. In line with the living conditions and the livelihoods in which they live, people are fed differently. It considers every one of its foods healthy because it keeps its body healthy and healthy. Modern industry in the money race offers us various combinations and various artificial foods that we will not comment on because we will deal with healthy food and nutrition principles.

Nutrition is, in fact, the science of organic processes by which the organism uses food and fluid for the normal functioning and maintenance of the balance between health and disease. It was not always considered that healthy eating is so important in people’s lives, but great attention is now paid to her. The development of the science of nutrition developed rapidly, in 1912 vitamins were discovered, followed by proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants. All of them take part in maintaining our organism healthy and are paying more and more attention to them.

Is healthy food processed?

Food can also be processed, but some processing loses its positive properties, so care must be taken of what and how it is processed. Throughout history, some processing has affected the health of a large number of people, such as removing rice bark that has removed nutrients and the disease has been detected. Pasteurization, for example, successfully removed bacteria from the milk, but its use in other foods destroyed vitamin C.

Raw groceries are those that are not thermally treated, certainly not at temperatures above 45 degrees. Thus, the food retains the original properties and is chemically unchanged. A certain group of people eat 100% raw foods and it is considered that a person eating at least 80% of raw foods can say for himself that this is a diet. When food is processed, there is a loss of vitamins, minerals and other useful substances that are large important for our body. Burning is particularly dangerous because it uses oils and nothing good is introduced into the body. Cooked foods are called dead, and fresh foods are live foods because they provide many enzymes that are the essence of life. Fried and cooked food is also attributed to problems with obesity, diabetes, heart disease and an increasing number of cancer patients.

In the 19th century it was known that jaundice was successfully treated if fresh apples were eaten, and a large number of people in later periods studied the feeding of ancestors with fresh food. Poor nutrition affects human health, and since the mid-20th century, there have been more and more frequent cases of malignant disease, which is also attributed to it. Excessive diet is recommended as a natural way to cleanse the body from toxins. Also, this type of diet is recommended to eliminate excess pounds without problems with the loss of immunity.

Today, experts advise that food is not processed whenever possible, because essential positive ingredients can be lost in processing, and many toxins can be added during processing. As food is closer to its natural state, with less warming, ie. thermal processing, less salty and refined, it is healthier. Here we have to mention the baby’s porridge. It may be more convenient to buy a stored spoon in a jar, but this decision is not good either for the baby or for your wallet. With the help of blender or chopper you can make a spoon for much less money, and it will be much healthier than the one from the store.

What is meant by the Healthy Organism?

The normal functioning of an organism is considered when it has a sufficient level of energy to maintain the functions of the muscles and immune system, the bone strength and the strength to be at a high level, and that it can recover and develop the organ system.

Of course, not all people are the same, the state of the organism is not the same for them, they are not the same age, their lifestyle is not the same, they differ in the work they perform, and therefore the needs and type of food for functioning are not the same. For example, high fat levels are needed for people working in a cold environment to maintain normal body temperature, but people who do some other work or sit a lot, it’s ruinous for the body. Athletes need proteins more than people who do not deal with sports. Today we face countless recommended diets and diets that we can not easily grasp. We need to know our organism, all that we do not care for is not healthy. It is necessary to seek and find a balance, to be moderate in everything, to manage their thoughts and minds, to deal with stress whenever possible, so that food and medicine will be a cure and help and power.

What is Healthy Food?

Healthy food is a broad concept because it not only needs to know what it belongs to and how it is processed, to what extent is it to be entered and how often and with what to combine, so it has become the most important problem of the modern man because he can not separate enough time for preparation and commitment to each meal. When he senses that something with the organism is not in the right place, he goes to the whole science of healthy food. One of the healthiest food regimens is the so-called Mediterranean diet.

Taking as diverse as food and good combination, consuming at moderate speed, not starving, moderate food temperature, neither cold nor hot, not overcooked, not squeezed, not suppressed, are basic and essential rules for healthy nutrition and healthy food diet.

  • WATER AND ITS ENTITY TO ORGANISM IS IT IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTORS FOR ORGANISM HEALTH. It is of the utmost importance because its disadvantage seamlessly changes the physiology of the organism and leads to a number of problems. If you want to treat yourself with water from Fiji Islands check out gorgeous Fiji water.


  • Fresh fruit and not spattered is considered to be the healthiest food that can be incorporated into the body because it contains an ideal balance of 5 essential elements. Glucose 90%, amino acids 4-5%, minerals 3-4%, fatty acids 1%, vitamins up to 1%. (one of most important is vitamin B). Fruit saves energy and helps purify the body and neutralizes harmful acids. After fruit, vegetables come well combined with concentrated foods called all foods that are not fruits and vegetables.


  • More food-related rules are to reduce (no one says to give up) saturated fatty acids, and increase polysatics, reduce cholesterol intake, increase the intake of complex carbohydrates and fibers, reduce the intake of sugar, salt, coffee, alcohol, tobacco, increase intake of natural juices and teas. You do not need to buy too expensive “natural juices” that go up to 200 dinars per liter. Buy a pair of apples and oranges and make the juice yourself, in a juicer or blender!


  • Nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, walnuts, seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkins, flax and others are very important as healthy food, rich in minerals, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Two to three times a week in half a cup is enough for our body.

Healthy food is a broad topic, we have a little bit of it, but we will deal with it daily and give you the benefits of healthy food. Healthy food does not have to be expensive and packaged well! It’s important to have as little additives as possible and to be as naturally as possible!

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