Tritton Kama Stereo Headset for PlayStation 4, PS Vita and Mobile

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Your Gateway to PS4 Online Chat – Tritton Kama Stereo Headset

Specially built for the PlayStation 4 system’s multiplayer online surroundings, TRITTON Kama Stereo Headset provides a cozy audio experience while simplifying chat. Directly linking to the DUALSHOCK 4 wireless control — and any device with a 3.5mm jack — you’re totally free to play in full stereo no matter in which the game takes you.

Tritton Kama Stereo Headset Characteristics:

  • Simple Audio Controls – An in-line audio control enables quick adjustments to listeners heard throughout the precision-balanced 40 millimeter speakers. And for those events when privacy issues, mute the mic simply by sliding a switch
  • Supports Party Chat – Excellent for multiplayer gaming, utilize the Kama to chat with up to seven other gamers
  • Flexible Performance Microphone – Ideal for enjoying PSN video games, a bendable mic correctly aligns with your mouth.
  • Efficient mic alignment promotes chat audio quality when using cans. As well as a centrally mounted mic enables headset use on either ear
  • Highly Cozy – Great headphones supply cushioning during gaming marathons. The Kama’s padded head railing gives additional comfort as you play with Kill zone, Battlefield, Assassin’s Creed, DRIVECLUB, Watch Dogs, The Crew, Destiny, Wolfenstein, and The Division
Tritton Kama Stereo Headset

Prepping the Kama for voice conversation is very straightforward. Just plug the 3.5millimeter cable to the PS4 wireless control and the connection process is complete. A useful Tritton Kama Stereo Headset in-line audio control includes an easy-to-use volume control for fast sound adjustments. And for those occasions when privacy matters, mute the microphone simply by sliding a switch.

tritton kama stereo headset

Tritton Kama Stereo Headset Created for Extreme Comfort

Headset comfort is most important during extended gaming sessions. The Kama retains your ears comfortable with its cushioned, flexible headrail, which extends an additional 1.25 inches on either side to accommodate a broad assortment of head sizes. When it’s time to get a break from the action, the soft earcups swivel to Supply a comfortable around-the-neck resting posture

Tritton Kama Stereo Headset Review (Amazon)

I bought Tritton Kama Stereo Headset for my nephew to use on his PS4. When they came in I tested them to make sure I was not giving him a faulty present. Tested them on both NBA 2K14 (the playground) and on Overwatch Collector’s Edition in addition to COD: Ghosts. After using them for a couple of hours, needed to find a pair for myself. The volume is excellent. I played with my games with the volume wheel turned at about 50 percent and in some points in the game it was too loudly. Bass in headphones is pretty good.