Nessie Soup Ladle – Cutest Kitchen Monster!

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Believe it or not, from this deep kettle comes Nessie! Diving into your favorite soup or standing by ready to use, a mythical period in the kitchen is guaranteed. If you are making a monster-sized soup, what else would be more ideal than to decant it with our Nessie Soup Ladle?

What’s this cute Nessie Soup Ladle?

This cute kitchen utensil by Ototo is superbly fashionable and fun and makes the perfect Birthday present and house warming present. Your favorite liquid meal will now turn into a bit Loch Ness because you pop this Nessie Ladle from the pot. Her small nub feet will maintain Nessie upright! Kitchen gifts don’t get as soup-er as this!

  • A ladle so adorable your Family and Friends will think it’s a fantasy
  • Four “feet” on the bottom therefore Nessie won’t sink or becoming lost in your pot
  • Durable, dishwasher safe nylon stands up to hot soups and stews
  • A great way to incorporate some lighthearted fun to your home cooking
  • Makes a special stocking stuffer idea for any cook with a sense of humor


Dishwasher Safe

Kitchen Utensil Cookware


Nessie Soup Ladle for Fun in Kitchen!

Ototo come back once again with a cuter than cute kitchen accessory that everyone will love, Nessie the Soup Ladle. The Loch Ness Monster may be a legend in Scotland however this Nessie is 100% real and ready to scoop up soup, or dollop out dinner. She has small feet to keep her upright on kitchen surfaces. Nessie the soup will become a legend in your own kitchen. Much cuter than the mythical and mysterious Loch Ness monster, Nessie Soup Ladle is not merely soup-er useful, but she brings oodles of character to dishing up your gastronomic attempts.