The Mighty Mug That Won’t Fall and Spill Your Drink!

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Running out of gift ideas? This unspilable travel mug has become the most innovative water bottle in the marketplace! Featured in a variety of shades and layouts, Mighty Mug is the only brand of coffee cup that uses Smartgrip technology. This attribute prevents your drink from tipping over when knocked to, but enables the mug to lift obviously once you reach to get a sip. Smartgrip is not a suction and will never wear out. Finally no more spills!

This Mug is Really Mighty!

This Mighty Mug is the very first mug which will not fall over in the event that you accidentally bump into it, but lifts up just like any other mug. It’s the cleverest drinks mug you could possibly possess. Designed to prevent spillages in your computer, papers or school work, it is also excellent for traveling, caravanning and sailing through tropical seas.

Smartgrip is a new, patented technologies that prevents java from falling over when you inadvertently bumped into it. Simply wear any smooth, flat, solid surface and the suction mug foundation will hold immediately, preventing you from knocking your drink over by error if you hit it. The Smartgrip base mug only releases its grip if you lift it up, holding it over the wavy line.