Macabre Jewellery Holder: Skeleton Hand, Bird Skull or Human Skull

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Do you want to show off your precious jewellery in fancy and unique way? Are you spooky-stuff lover? Well, guess what?

Somebody made these Macabre Jewellery Holders just for you.

Skeleton Hand Jewellery Holder

  • Skeleton hand organiser and Jewelry Clean
  • Perfect for Showing Bracelets, Rings and Bracelets
  • Movable, metal joints with Golden plated steel Cable
  • Solid beech wood Foundation that also serves as a tray for overspill
  • Measures 11.8cm x 21.5cm x 14cm

Need a helping-hand holding your jewelry? Skeleton Hand will maintain rings, earrings and bracelets organised neatly. Too many trinkets to utilize all at once? Display them tidily on these bony fingers. The metal joints proceed independently so that you can present the hand to best show off your treasures. And in case you have more jewelry than Mr T, then the wooden base will serve as a tray that takes good care of any overspill! A great gift for your vampire friends.

Skeleton Hand Jewellery Holder Review

I just love this so much! It is just odd enough to get looks but it’s also beautiful. It goes very nicely in my semi-macabre tasting house. I particularly like how the “bones” are connected. Been wanting one for a long time, eventually ordered one, and I’m not disappointed! Exactly the size I expected, nice and thick, the jewellery holder is smooth and decently sized, as it comes in a fantastic box which may be reused.

jewelry holder

Bird Skull Jewellery Holder

  • Jewellery box shaped like a bird skull
  • A Trendy looking ornament and organiser for your dressing table
  • Keeps your Jewelry safe and easy to find
  • Made from Solid polyresin
  • Measures 6.5cm x 6.5cm x 19cm

Where do you keep your jewelry? Do you ever worry that your prized jewels might get swept off the edge of the bathroom sink and then straight down the plughole?bBe secure in the knowledge your treasured possessions are in one location, hiding at the beak of this Bird Skull Jewellery Keeper. It’s a trendy looking trinket for your dressing table and the perfect place to house your stone – a great present for the darkened and disorganised. Made from powerful Polyresin and antiqued for sensible effect.

Bird Skull Jewellery Holder Review

Love this! Great decorative accent also helps with organization. The space inside is fantastic for a couple of tiny things. I use it for two or three little trinkets and little earring safety backs (the tiny plastic tubes) I wear with french hook rings but are still so tiny as to always get misplaced if they do not have a dedicated space. This strikes the right chord of tastefully morbid for me. Perfect!

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Human Skull Jewellery Holder

  • Skull style desk and room clean
  • Perfect place to store essentials like your wallet, keys and telephone
  • Made from durable Polyresin using an Extremely detailed surface and shape
  • Steps 12.5cm x 16cm x 21.5cm
  • Also available in black

Keep your essentials on mind, or in other words, safely within the Skull Tidy. Keys, glasses, telephone, watch, loose change, the whole contents of your pockets – it can be difficult keeping all these things in mind. Get organized and keep your essentials in this skull, freeing up some space in yours. An perfect gift for the dark and disorganised. Also available in dark.

Human Skull Jewellery Holder Review

This thing is absolutely ideal as a desk stand for my iPhone 6plus. The phone fits in there perfectly along with the adorably wicked skull hangs on to my glasses through the day. Love it!! It resembles a real skull in the front and has a hefty weight to it looks very expensive. It came in a beautiful protective box.

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