Cat Skeleton PyroPet Candle – Fun Hidden Animal Skeleton Candles

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Reveal Hidden Cat Skeleton in Fantastic PyroPet Candles!

PyroPet candles is a family of animal shaped candles with a hidden surprise. It could look like an innocuous wax decoration, but hit a match. Light the wick and you will shortly see the pyro pet candle for what it really is. When lit, the geometric exterior turns to a modern kinetic sculpture. Since the PyroPet’s wax melts, a metallic skeleton is revealed! Due to a design both inside and outside, PyroPet’s metamorphosis is both mesmerizing and haunting once it reveal cat skeleton inside…

  • A cute cat shaped candle reveals the wild beast in her, a smiling metallic cat skeleton with fire blazing in her eyes
  • Dimensions: 6.7 x x 4.5 In.
  • Burns for Around 20 hours
  • Available colors: Pink, Gray and Black
  • Made from paraffin wax, Cotton wick and aluminum
  • Beautiful gift box


cat skeleton candle

The geometric design of the cat candle hides a special twist in wax sculpture: a hidden metal skeleton! Since PyroPet’s unscented wax burns off, the kinetic sculpture entrances with its dazzling transformation. Beautifully crafted, to present or to keep. Each Candle is designed to be geometrically beautiful. Whether on a mantel piece, or directly on a table. Never boring, PyroPet candles are a gift to superbly and spookiness screen. PyroPet Candle with alloy cat skeleton inside is ideal gift. Each candle is slightly different and will burn it’s own distinctive way. We recommend placing your candle on a plate to include the wax as it melts.

Cat Skeleton PyroPet Candle Review

“The first thing you’ll notice about these candles is the exceptional packaging. I was worried that transport might squish a few of the corners (being that it is predicated on geometric squares), but it came in pristine condition because of the organization’s packaging. The second step you’ll see is the superior wax used in these candles. Clean burning and smelling. Third, the candle melts exactly enjoy the pictures! Super cool and amazing conversational piece. My only regret isn’t buying the dish that they sell with the candles, as it would have aided the candle silhouette melt even more easily. This is such a cool idea and has provided me with multiple gift ideas for my pals. I will continue to order cat skeleton candles and other PyroPet animal skeleton candles.”

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