Bold and Brash is a painting produced by Squidward Tentacles, hoping to impress an art critic. The art is quickly panned and is later found in The Dump. It first appears in the episode “Artist Unknown.”

Squidward’s Bold and Brash episode

Bold and brash, more like it belongs in the trash! That is precisely what the art critic told Squidward Tentacles from the animated series SpongeBob SquarePants in year 2 episode 38. Poor Squidward, it seems he gets the shorter end of this stick, however we love him and most fans loves he is humor in SpongeBob.

In this episode titled “Artist Unknown” from SpongeBob SquarePants Squidward tries his best to make a beautiful piece of artwork, but with utter amazement his bold and brash art production is known as trash and dropped in the garbage bin from the janitor. After getting bashed emotionally by the art critic that the janitor comes by and says: ” I must have missed that one” and drops the painting from the trash. Watch the video below:

Taken form

Squidward’s Bold and Brash painting

The painting comes with a yellow background. A nude caricature of Squidward is the center of the piece, but with just four limbs rather than six. Additionally, this caricature has no mouth.

At the Mature Learning Center, Squidward gets a job as an art teacher. The art collector, Monty P. Moneybags, arrives, and one of the pieces that Squidward reveals him is Bold’n’Brash. Monty says that it belongs in the garbage, so the Janitor throws it at the garbage. Later, after Squidward motivates SpongeBob to get back to making art, SpongeBob finds Bold and Brash at a heap of garbage.

Bold and Brash Gifts & Merchandise

SpongeBob SquarePants has assembled a worldwide audience reaching in the millions from the apparent kinder gardener to young adults. Because of this many individuals have come to love Squidward. Perhaps a lot of people can related to Squidward — that is why they like him so. That’s why there are more and more bold and brash gifts online.

His old bold and brash art has created a bizarre following and total fan standing online and you can say even has some virality (something that may or has gone viral previously) to it. As a tribute fans have designed bold and brash t-shirts, posters, paintings, lighters, prints and even telephone cases and their own special touch you can find on amazon gifts.

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Remember when someone’s mum bought Bold and Brash painting for 200$?!

Apparently, one mum didn’t think the painting belonged in trash. She purchased it from her regional store for $250 in hopes of re-selling it later after talking to the shopping helper. In reality, he was far from it that he chose to converse a photograph of the new painting and a screenshot of his mother’s news alongside the caption: ‘Okay mother you can not be serious’.

bold and brash








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