What Is AdapDesk?

The modern day’s activities such as studying, working, entertainment, and communication no longer require using a large traditional desk because all of the information and ports are available on your digital devices. Additionally it’s typical for several to have need of a comfortable work stage at the exact same time in restricted distance like at home or dorm rooms, class rooms, meeting rooms, etc.. Before, you would attempt to balance your notebook on your stomach, lap or knees to get into a comfortable position which would only cause you pain. Now, there is AdapDesk. This workstation is simple to construct and its portability allows you to shoot it anywhere you go. It’s a cleverly designed mousepad, cupholder and several side baskets for essentials you want to keep in close reach.

The AdapDesk Is Portable Working Station That Lets You Get Started Anywhere!

AdapDesk was designed to help users take Whole advantage Of the portability of laptop computers. The sleek, wooden desk can be folded for storage and transport, and includes a notebook surface and retainer that can be angled to match any place, from sitting at a desk to lying in bed. To more fully enhance the laptop experience, the AdapDesk also includes a mousepad holder, side baskets, along with a cup holder.

We’ve got a product designed to be used With laptops, tablets, books in very comfortable positions including a bed. Intended to be ergonomic on the point at which you’re able to operate a notebook whilst lying in bed with one pillow beneath your head, without alerting the consumer from lifting their knees, adjusting their position, or extending. Essentially it allows a user to convert spaces such as a coffee table, the floor, a corner, a couch, etc into a work space or amusement area.

AdapDesk characteristic:

  • STURDY STABLE AND LIGHT– Holds Your Device Firmly and Steadily – Produced with High Strength Calibrated Laminated Wood for Durability. Weighs Just 5 pounds. (without attachments). Has Reliable Hardware.
  • MANY USES – Multifunctional, Desk in Bed, Couch, Floor, or onto a Table as a Stand Up Desk, TV Dinner Tray, Sound Equipment, Projector, Book Tray, Writing Desk, and Tablet Holder.
  • ERGONOMIC – Allows User to Fix Themselves Freely During Any Moment.
  • ACCESORIES INCLUDES – Different Size Interchangeable Bumpers, a Cup Holder and a Mouse Pad Holder
  • DESIGNED FOR – Portable Devices Like All Sizes of Laptop and Pills. Can Hold Books, Notepads, Binders, etc..
  • NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED – AdapDesk is ready to Be Used Right from the Box.
  • ADJUSTABLE AND PORTABLE -. Founded in Position at Different Angles to Fit Any Body Position Even Laid Back on Your Own Bed; Simply drag the Button on the Leg, Change the Position, and Release the Button to Lock it Position. Easily and Quickly Foldable for Carrying and Packing. Workstation that goes where you go
  • DIMENSIONS: 23.5″ x 13.50″ x 10.0″.


Where to use AdapDesk?

Anywhere! A mobile desk designed for the Growing need to use a notebook or apparatus in bed, couch, floor, and a lot more. AdapDesk isn’t merely a portable notebook desk which you could use in comfort. It is a complete system that lets you use your notebook to its fullest potential. Doesn’t matter what you’re using it for. You can do this with all of your peripherals linked, a mouse of your selection and while having a drink.

  • Peripherals for your laptop if necessary
  • A cup holder if you get thirsty while working
  • The AdapDesk is available in seven distinct colors: black, white, red, white, lime, maple, bamboo and walnut.

The laptop desk can flat-pack into a little heap that measures just 11 x 12 x 3 inches. This ermitting you to press it into most briefcases, backpacks, and bags. Includes a modifiable bumper that can be altered in 3 places, letting you find the best place for your laptop. Built-in cutouts offer an easy carrying handle while functioning as distances to traverse wires.

AdapDesk Portable Workstation will completely change the way you can use your laptop in everyday life!


Let us not be grumpy or condescending and openly admit that tablets and laptops are a requirement today. Particularly when are used for functioning, catching up on current events or just relaxing after a stressful day. Addition to being a strong and durable portable desk, the more AdapDesk comes built to allow you be completely set up as a work station together: Read more on AdapDesk official website.

AdapDesk Reviews Amazon

  1. I loved it! AdapDesk has changed the way I work!

    Works perfectly fine, and yeah I read some Other reviews that typing is not really that comfy. I mainly only use mouse when I’m using notebook with this particular desk on mattress, so that is not that enormous problem. Occasionally I use keyboard for typing something, but I frankly think that it’s way better using a desk. Really like the cup holder as well. Sometimes I want to place soft beverage cup and it’s to far away to reach out side of bed, so I think it’s nice.

    Before I purchase, I personally had any difficulties. Was worrying That bumper may not be deep enough to hold my laptop. My notebook is quite huge, heavy, thick, gaming laptop known as which burden is 3.8kg… And the main body component is very thick, almost twice thicker compared to other ordinary laptops. Wasn’t sure how well this product will do to hold my notebook. I sent the email to this business Intrepineer LLC and they responded quite well. Explaining that they can send a thicker customized bumper with no cost, if I purchase and provide order number to them. Customized bumper is currently working great with my laptop, perfectly happy with my purchase all around. I know it is bit expensive but I enjoy it overall

  2. AdapDesk gives me opportunity to use my laptop anywhere, anytime!

    This lap desk is superbly made, Completely comfortable, and adjusts to each possible location. Whether laying Down in bed, which can be amazing for my handicapped son, or curled up on a couch for Those late night writing sessions. Adapdesk holds the weight of my notebook easily.I don’t need to be worried about it collapsing or folding in on me due to this Smart leaver and latching system. The mouse and drink holder are a plus. It’s the only lap desk I have discovered that adjusts to numerous Angles. It is sturdy enough to manage the weight of the computer, combined with the pressure of typing. As a writer, this adapdesk Will Surely hold up for my Heavy use for years to come. It conveniently folds flat when not in use. Brilliant item! Comes assembled, just twist on the laptop plate that prevents your computer from slipping off slide on the optional mouse and cup holder and your done.





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